Setup and Run E-mail Campaigns

Start sending bulk email by setting up your own mailing list, templates, and attachments.

Create & upload own Email List

1. Head to Email List
2. On the Create Email List tab, fill in Group name, emails, or upload your own spreadsheet of emails

Download the sample email list and refer to the format before uploading your own email list

3. Submit after filling in the details required and success message will appear. View it in All Email List tab

Create Template

1. Head to Template

2. On the Create Template tab, fill in Name as template name and place the content in the text editor below.

3. Use your images by pressing Media Import and then upload your image
4. Submit when finish and the success message will appear. You can view your templates in All Template tab

Upload Attachment

1. Head to Attachment

2. On the New Attachment tab, fill in Title as attachment name and choose attachment file below

3. Submit when finish and the success message will appear. You can view added attachments in All Attachments tab

Make sure you have done the things above before you proceed further.

Sending Email Marketing yourself

1. Head to Send Mail
2. Click text field of Select Group Name to see the list of contact list you have and then select it.

3. Emails Addresses part allows you to add new contact manually. It can be multiple addresses separated by comma(,)
4. Choose name of template to be used in your email, click the preview button beside the text field to view the selected template
5. Enter Subject/Title of your email.
6. Choose name of attachment, you can put multiple attachment by clicking the box again.
7. To schedule your campaign, click Send Later to show calendar and set the time and date of publish
8. Click Send e-mail after completing the campaign details to proceed on sending or scheduling your email campaign.

View your previous campaigns in History and see few details about the results.

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