Submitting new Product/Service

Submitting new Product/ Service

1: On your Profile Dashboard, Find and click “Products & Services” then click “Submit Products & Services
*Note: Fields with “*” are required to be filled in.

2: Fill up the primary information form.
Listing Title = Name of the product/service which can be searched by your customers.
Select Category = Determines the category of product/service you are submitting.
Phone Number = Contact number to display.
Website URL = A link or website where your customers can see about your product/services.

3 (Optional): Setting business hours. Click the round button for your answer.

4 (Optional): Fill up social media addresses form with your social media account links. This helps your customers to follow and get in touch with you.
Social Medias available are; Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

5: Product/service description form.
Description = Describe the product/service in form of text.
Video Link = Link a video about your product/service. It can be form another website.
Listing tags/keywords = Type words that describes your product/service best. Separate multiple tags/keywords by comma(,).
Listing Gallery = Upload images of your product/service.
Brand Name = Can also be your company/business name.
Brand Logo = Can also be your company/business logo. Max file size is 2 Mb.

6: Fill last form about the product/service location.
Listing Location = Pin the location of your store to help your customer find you.
Latitude & Longitude = This is optional if you pin your location using the Listing Location. Fill this up if you want to pin your location manually.
Country = Select country where your product/service is available.
State = Select state where your product/service is available.

7: Preview and Submit. After reviewing all the information, head to the bottom and click Preview & Submit button to submit your product/service listing.

*Note: The listing will be published after getting reviewed by the MARTZ team. Maximum of 1 working day.
View your listings in your profile or head to MARTZ’ product/service listing page.

Enjoy listing your products! For assistance, you can always head to our Support page or contact us.

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