Adding Coupons

Adding your new Coupon/Promotion

Step 1: Click “Add New Coupon” button
*Note Fields with “*” are required to be filled in.
Step 2: Add your own logo for your coupon by clicking the box on the top-left corner of the mobile screen
Step 3: Input Coupon Title in the field beside the logo
Step 4: Add promotion image by clicking the box on the center for main image. You can resize the image inside the image uploader. Click the Check button to Save and the Cross button to delete.
Step 5: Select the type of coupon discount you want to offer from the dropdown menu on top-right corner.
Step 6: Select the desired coupon status from the dropdown menu.
Step 7: To generate code for you coupon, Click the “Generate Code” button on the bottom of the mobile screen.
Step 8: Once done, click “Save/Update Coupon” to proceed according to action indicated in Coupon status.

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