SMS Campaign

Run SMS Campaign Yourself

A. Creating Contact Groups

1. Click “Contact”. (telephone icon in the menu)
2. Click “Phone Book”
3. Click “Add New Group”.
4. Input group name and then click “Create Group”

B. Creating Contacts

1. Click “Contacts”
2. Click “Add New Contact”
3. Input contact details then click “Save changes”. (“*” for required fields)
4. Importing contact list file by clicking “Import Contacts”
5. Assign a group where the list will be uploaded, select file, and click “Import”.
6. Success message will be shown and click contacts to view added contacts.

C. Creating Campaigns

We provide you a pre-defined/ default campaign that everyone can use. There is no need to create a new campaign.

D. Sending SMS to your target customers

select campaign

1. Click “Messaging” located on the left side of the screen

2. Click “Campaign Phonebook”

Quick notice before we start – beware of the schedule of sending hours to prevent delays.

3. Choosing Contact List from Database
Browse through the list of categories according to your desired target. This table shows you the category, and count of contacts included.
You can only select one category per campaign by clicking the button under the “Select” row.

4. Selecting campaign
5. Selecting Sender ID

6. Creating the SMS content for your campaign

7. Click “Send my Message(SMS)” to start the campaign

E. Sending SMS to your own contact list

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